S1 – School on ‘Radiopharmaceutical Development’

by Mar 17, 2017EVENTS

27 February – 03 March 2017

PET3D 5-day training School for all ESRs

School programme

  • Main lecturers: Prof. A.D. Windhorst (Chair and organiser), Dr D.J. Vugts, Prof G.A.M.S. van Dongen
  •  2.5 ECTS course
  • 10 lectures of 2 hours
  • 3 days hands-on experiments
  • finalised by written exam

Consortium Meeting Agenda

Supervisory Board Meeting Agenda


Hosted by: Stichting-VU-VUMC, Amsterdam


Contact: Bert Windhorst,  ad.windhorst@vumc.nl

Daniëlle Vugts D.Vugts@vumc.nl