Work Package 1

‘Nanoparticles and Small Molecule Tracers in Oncology PET Imaging’

Lead Beneficiary AMS (Prof. Danielle Vugts)

ESR3 ‘Small-molecule tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) PET in oncology and neurology’. Host AMS

ESR8 ’Development and evaluation of bispecific nanoparticles for T cell engagement (NanoBites): a targeted and multimodality approach to cancer therapy.’ Host SAN

ESR9 ‘Novel probes for hypoxia and NTR-reporter gene imaging.’ Host BER

Work Package 2

‘Biologicals as Tracers in Oncology PET Imaging’

Lead Beneficiary BRU (Prof. Vicky Caveliers)

ESR4 ‘Reverse translational of Immuno-PET in oncology.’ Host AMS

ESR5 ‘Development of [18F]-FDR-nanobodies for clinical translation.’ Host BRU

ESR6 ‘Site-specific nanobody functionalization as PET imaging and therapy –theranostic tool.’ Host BRU

Work Package 3

‘Pre-targeted Labelling of Biomolecules in Oncology PET Imaging’

Lead Beneficiary ABD (Prof. Matteo Zanda)

ESR7 ‘Synthesis and preclinical investigation of boron-enriched gold nanoparticles: a pre-targeting approach to boron neutron capture therapy.’ Host SAN

ESR13 ‘Click pre-targeted PET imaging of disease targeting antibodies.’ Host ABD

ESR14 ‘Development of pre-targeting as platform technology for biomolecule labelling’ Host IMA

Work Package 4

‘Cardiovascular PET Imaging’

Lead Beneficiary AZ (Dr. Charles Elmore)

ESR1 ‘Fatty acid analogues and CPT1 inhibitors as PET tracers for cardiac dysfunction.’ Host ABD

ESR2 ‘Development of immuno-PET directed to thrombospondin 2 (TSP-2) for identification of hypertrophic responses of the left ventricle.’ Host ABD

ESR15 ‘Development of a radioligand and PET ligand for the MC4 receptor.’ Host AZ

Work Package 5

‘CNS PET Imaging’

Lead Beneficiary MUN (Prof. Andreas Jacobs)

ESR10 ‘Synthesis of combined targeting molecules as 18F-tracers for PET and anticancer pro-drugs: investigation of tumor drug distribution.’ Host BER

ESR11 ‘Multi-modal and multi-tracer imaging of inflammation in stroke’ Host MUN

ESR12 ‘Multimodal two-photon microscopy and PET/MR imaging of glioma growth & angiogenesis.’ Host MUN

Work Package 6

‘Management / Dissemination’

Lead Beneficiary ABD (Teresa Morris)

Participants: all beneficiaries.

Development of a management strategy for (1) the recruitment/secondment/training of ESRs, and (2) dissemination and sharing of knowledge facilitation between beneficiaries and external researchers/public




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